• starts 4 weeks before the exam date
  • very small groups from 3 to 5 students
  • group classes in the afternoon or evening
  • private lessons with flexible schedule


The preparation course for the CILS certification is designed for those who need a recognized official certification, whether for study, work, or to apply for the Italian citizenship or for the long-term residence permit.

The CILS certification is useful either to access university courses and to enter the Italian world of work. It is a fundamental requirement for those who wish to apply for Italian citizenship and for the issuance of long-term residence permits. Furthermore it can also be a valid option for those who simply want to test their knowledge of the language to achieve an important objective.

The CILS certification is issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena and italianme is an officially recognized and authorized school as an examination center. Therefore, at our school, you can prepare for the exam and take the exam.

The certification is divided into several levels, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages: level A1, A2 and A2 integration (basic learner), B1, B1 citizenship and B2 (independent or autonomous student), C1 and C2 (competent student). The exam corresponding to each level, evaluates the four basic skills: read, write, speak and listen. Therefore, those interested in taking the exam should be sure, before registering, that they have the skills related to the chosen exam level and then take a specific test preparation program.

The italianme school helps students in these two steps choosing the correct exam and planning the best program to obtain the best result.

If your level of knowledge of the Italian language is correct to take the exam, you can simply attend the preparation course for the CILS certification, the details of which can be found on this page. If, on the other hand, your knowledge of the language is not yet at the appropriate level to take the exam, we recommend that you first attend a suitable Italian language course to achieve the necessary knowledge. The duration can vary, it depends on your level and final objective. Once you reach the correct level, you can prepare specifically for the exam by following this preparation course for the CILS certification.

The lessons are structured to help students become familiar with the exam tests, focusing on strengthening the four skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening. The student, under the guidance of an expert teacher, will be able to identify the areas of greatest weakness to dedicate themselves to them and better prepare to pass the exam. Through careful, personalized and professional work, the exam preparation can become a guarantee of success.

The certification exam preparation classes take place in small groups or privately. Programming is flexible and tailored to the needs of the students.

If your objective is to obtain a certification of knowledge of the Italian language, italianme offers you the necessary advice and the most suitable course to face the exam in the best way.

For information on the CILS certification:


Group of 3 to 5 students € 250,00 for 16 hours of classes
Private classes € 640,00 for 16 hours of classes

Registration fee €60,00