CILS Certification

ITALIAN FOR CILS CERTIFICATION16 lessons for preparation to CILS certification

Who is the course for?

This is the course that allows you to be ready for the CILS exam.
If you need an officially recognized certification for study or business purposes, to apply for Italian citizenship or long-term residence permit, we assist you in the exam registration procedure. You can take the exam at italianme in the sessions established by the University for foreigners of Siena. You can take this course if your level of proficiency is suitable for the exam you want to take. If not, we will recommend the study path that suits your needs and, once you have reached the level, you can attend this preparation course.

What are the course contents and objectives?

The lessons will allow you to become familiar with the examination tests and strengthen the skills useful to pass the exam: reading, writing, speaking, listening. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher you will be able to identify areas of greatest weakness, recover gaps and better prepare for passing the exam. You will go through examination tests and you will understand what every single test requires. The grammatical and lexical contents are adapted to the exam level you need to take.

How is the course organized?

For the Italian course for CILS Certification you will be placed in a group of up to 5 people in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We will provide you with all useful materials. The teacher will use an iPad as a whiteboard and every morning you will receive a pdf with the contents of the lesson

Course details
Lessons4 lessons (60 minutes each) per week; 2 days/week
Duration4 weeks
GroupMinimum 3 – maximum 5 students
LevelsA1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
2024 starting dates4 weeks before the Exam date
2024 closing days6.01 – 1.04 – 25.04 – 1.05 – 2.06 – 24.06 – 15.08 – 1.11 – 8.12 / from 16.12.24 to 6.01.25
Number of weeksNumber of lessonsCost in Euro
4Group of 3 to 5 students – 16 hours of lessons250,00
4Private lessons (60 minutes each) – 16 lesson hours640,00

+ €60,00 annual enrolment fee

The course includes:
  • Lessons
  • Placement test
  • Textbook(s) and all the teaching material given by the teacher
  • Certificate of attendance
  • 2 or 3 extracurricular activities per week
  • Help desk Help desk for finding accommodation

The course doesn’t include

  • Accommodation
  • Personal Insurance
  • Express courier service for sending study visa documents
  • Bank commissions
  • Extra costs during extracurricular activities

Enrolment procedure:

  1. Fill in the Application Form
  2. If you are not an absolute beginner, complete the placement test.
  3. Wait for the school’s confrmation of your acceptance.
  4. Book your place in the course with a 30% tuition fee payment plus the enrolment fee.
  5. The first day at school, if necessary, complete the enrolment procedure with the payment of the balance due.


Ready to go?

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