1. Our school of Italian language is located in the heart of Florence, in a beautiful historic palace and yet the amenities and technology are all modern and our approach to teaching the Italian language very innovative. The school is also very respectful of environmental sustainability. Our entire design approach was one with a future-forward, friendly environment towards the learning of a new language and the whole experience of living in a foreign country.

2. Classes are comprised of no more than 8 students. Therefore you will have the advantage of group lessons paired with 1:1 teaching.

3. The teaching method combines grammar and communication; subjects typically taught separately.

4. You can customize your courses according to your needs, putting together your own personal ‘puzzle’ of the school’s offerings.

5. The daily class schedule is intended to be accommodating and allow space for the personal work-life balance of the students.

6. The extracurricular activities are vast and diverse and are offered weekdays and during the weekend. Available to all students and always guided by a teacher.

7. You will receive daily updates on what’s happening in Florence and Tuscany including events, exhibits, shows etc.

8. The school is founded and managed by teachers with decades of experience in the teaching of the Italian language who are capable of understanding and solving any need of their students.

9. All staff is professional and enthusiastic about teaching.

10. Transparency is our strength: we stand behind our words. Everything we say we will do, we do!

Italian me offers a complete Italian experience – not only the study of the Italian language, but of the country’s rich culture.
Located in the heart of Florence and nestled inside an old palace with all the amenities and technology of a modern setting, with expert teachers that will lead you with passion and enthusiasm to the discovery of the city and its nearby surroundings.
You will be independent, living in Florence, just like a native Italian because we believe that learning a new language is gaining a new identity.