Free the Italian in you!

Learn a new language, gain a new identity

A way to learn Italian nicely is possible, with a team of competent and passionate teachers with an engaging, practical and communicative method to speak Italian

Learn Italian with an innovative Italian language school in Florence

in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence!

italianme in Piazza Santa Trinita

Undertake this wonderful journey with us and no longer say “Sorry, I don’t speak Italian!”

Do you know that the language you use is intimately connected with your thinking, identity, lifestyle?


Free your Italian “me” with our Italian language school and you will finally discover the joy of expressing yourself through this beautiful language.

With qualified teachers, an interactive method and in a stimulating environment you will acquire the skills and confidence to communicate fluently. In addition, we will offer you authentic cultural experiences that will allow you to immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture.

With italianme you will learn Italian and you can finally speak Italian in the heart of Florence, the cradle of Dante’s language..


Join us, so you don’t have to say “sorry, I don’t speak Italian!”

italianme is the innovative Italian language school in via Tornabuoni 1 in Florence, It is one of the most beautiful and scenic corners of the city

Where to learn Italian and live in Florence like a local

How to learn Italian?

Following our method! This is how italianme courses work:

Learn Italian with an innovative Italian language school in Florence

Age of students and levels

You can choose from a rich offering of courses to learn the Italian language, or learn about and deepen your knowledge of Italian culture. We have courses for all levels and all ages, from 18 years old onwards. The groups are made up according to the level of knowledge of the Italian language: from Italian for beginners to advanced Italian, the goal is to finally be able to speak very good Italian. People of all ages and all nationalities study together, and this enriches and makes the experience unique.

Learn Italian with an innovative Italian language school in Florence

Starting Date 

If you are not an absolute beginner, you can start the course whenever you want. Just take our Italian language level test and we will tell you if we have availability in the right group for you. If your course is Italian for beginners we will indicate the starting date of the courses. On average, we have an Italian course for beginners once a month.

Aprender italiano

Length of Courses

You can choose the duration of the course, from a short-term Italian course to a long-term Italian course, one year or more. Our students have different needs, and we adapt the content of the Italian classes to them. There are those who can stay in Florence for very short periods and those who instead decide to settle here for long periods of study or work. We have Italian lessons that suit both needs.

Learn Italian

Study Visa for Italy
If you need a study visa for Italy, we will provide you with the documents required by the Italian Embassy. in your country. However, you should be careful to obtain all the information at the Embassy because the requirements for obtaining a study visa for Italy are not the same in every country. In any case, we will do our best to assist you in applying for a study visa.

Learn Italian

Free Time in Florence
We strongly recommend that you participate in our cultural activities, among which you will find: guided tours in Florence and Tuscany, wine tastings, cooking classes, historical and artistic walks, movies at school, seminars on Italian culture. We carefully select the activities, which are always organized for small groups and managed directly by our teachers and collaborators.

Learn Italian with an innovative Italian language school in Florence

Accommodation in Florence

If you need, we will help you find the most suitable accommodation to live in Florence. The school offers a service to help you with your search for accommodation options in Florence, thanks to a good network of selected contacts in the city. You can accept our proposal or organize yourself independently.

Experience the Italian language and culture in an international environment.

We are experts in teaching Italian to foreigners.

The school is officially recognized, also for CILS Certification and study abroad programs in Italy for prestigious international Institutes.

Learn Italian with an innovative Italian language school in Florence

Discover the italianme courses:

For those who want to learn Italian or improve it

For those who want to learn Italian or improve it through content of specific interest

For those who want to learn Italian or improve it by adding lessons or activities of specific interest

For those who want to learn Italian or improve it for professional reasons or to get an official Certification of knowledge of the language

Why choose italianme

to learn Italian in Florence:


We offer you what you expect when thinking about the beauty of Florence. italianme is the Italian language school in via Tornabuoni, one of the most beautiful and prestigious streets in the heart of the historic center. Here you will find the best place to learn Italian in Italy and maybe you will tell us “I feel positive vibrations in this school”.


Our courses are structured for up to 8 students. In fact, if you want to speak Italian and not just study it, the small number is fundamental. In the Italian courses in Florence you will have the benefit of interaction with people from all over the world without losing the advantage of a lesson tailored to your interests. In the end you will think “I understand Italian!” “I speak Italian!”


The lessons, thanks to the support of the most modern technologies, are always dynamic, pleasant and adapted to your learning style. Our Italian language courses in Florence are constantly enriched and reinvented to adapt to the needs of the students. Learning Italian will be pleasant, like the sound of the language. You will also comment at the end “I did not think I would find such a modern school in Italy”


You are the protagonist of the learning experience. You can create your own course combining Italian with one of your interests related to Italian culture: from art history to cooking, from photography to music and theater. You can start anytime, even from your home, and for as long as you want. Our greatest success will be to hear you say: “I could make my dream come true”.


Grammar through communication, Italian through art history, cuisine, cinema, literature: you will not find a similar proposal elsewhere. Our approach is innovative, tailored to your interests and your language skills, thanks to a team of qualified teachers in different sectors working in synergy. We wonder if you will also think “This is the best way to learn Italian”.


Guided tours to discover the historical and artistic heritage of Florence, excursions in Tuscany, cooking classes, art classes, wine tasting, cinema, are an integral part of the cultural program that we offer you: fundamental moments in the study experience to make you live in Florence like a Florentine. And in the end, you can’t help but say, “I can’t wait to get back.”

Ready to go?

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