To whom is this proposal addressed?

The school camp in Italy with italianme is a proposal aimed at all high schools and universities wishing to organise a real study experience in Italy.
If you are the head of a department or the professor of an Italian language course or a subject related to Italian culture, our proposal is for you. We will help you structure the study programme in Italy for your students and you will have all the support you need, from organising the course to finding accommodation.
The italianme school is the reliable partner that can build the ideal school camp for your students together with your school or university.

We are located in a historic building in the heart of the Florence city centre, a few steps from the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Uffizi Gallery, in a district full of bookshops, cafés and restaurants.
We have an ideal environment for young students, with all comforts, large spaces and air conditioning.
In the classroom, teachers have all the necessary technological aids at their disposal.
We rely on a staff of professors specialised in teaching different subjects: Italian, art, cinema, literature, design, tourism are some of the subjects we offer.
In addition to in-class and out-of-class lessons, we organise visits to discover the rich historical and artistic heritage of Florence and Tuscany.
We have gained experience in partnerships with North and South American, Canadian and European schools and universities, teaching Italian and Italian culture to hundreds of students each year.

What are the contents of the school camp in Italy?

Lessons are tailored to your request. We base our proposal on the syllabus and subject-specific objectives you have identified and develop our content proposal according to your requirements. School camps in Florence combine the academic part with field learning. Students thus have the opportunity to finally see live what they have so far only learnt in the classroom. Learning mode most heavily relied upon is collaborative and experiential learning. Depending on the programme, this can include partial courses (started at the school or university of origin, then continued in Italy) or courses taught entirely in Italy. Courses may include group or individual final projects or papers.

How school camp lessons in Italy take place?

The number of lessons and timetable are determined according to your needs and subject credits.
Academic courses can be organised in Italian, English, Spanish. Lessons are conducted by our professors or your professors, according to your requests and needs, either in the morning or in the afternoon. Lessons can be held all in class, or partly in class and partly out of class depending on the subject matter (museums, squares, galleries, workshops, companies). In addition to academic courses, Italian language courses can be organised, from level A1 to level C2.
The number of participants can be up to 25 per class.

Programme example
Lessons20 lessons per week + 2 extracurricular activities in the afternoon
Schedulelessons 9:00-13:00 + extracurricular activities 14:00-16:00
Duration2 to 4 weeks
Groupminimum 10 maximum 25
Full-day visits outside the city2
Price in Euro
varies according to duration and number of participants. Please contact the school and ask for a quote.
The course includes:
  • Lessons
  • Placement test
  • Textbook(s) and all the teaching material given by the teacher
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Help desk 

The course doesn’t include

  • Personal Insurance
  • Extra costs during extracurricular activities

Ready to go?

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