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Which is the best way to learn the Italian language?

Of course staying for a certain period in Italy, where the language was born and is spoken, so studying Italian in Italy. The best place to learn Italian is undoubtedly Florence, well known centre of culture, art, food, fashion and design, in one word, of Italian lifestyle.

Which is the best school of Italian language in Florence? italianme, for sure, offering a wide range of courses to learn the Italian language in Florenceitalianme is specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Beginners or people willing to deepen the knowledge of Italian, or specialize in one specific area or already living and studying in Florence, will be followed and accompanied by skilled teachers during all their path of learning.

Our Italian language courses are not only for teenagers or young peolple, but they are perfect for adults or for retired people who have time to travel and follow their passions. At italianme you will find Italian language courses for adults and seniors which will really surprise you!!

Our Italian language courses

Classrooms are spacious and bright, technology supports teachers during their classes, the terrace offers unforgettable relaxing moments. Learning Italian in Florence has never been more interesting, it will be very easy to improve your knowledge of the Italian language, also because the group courses are made up of a maximum of 8 students.

Whatever your interest, italianme offers a taylor made solution: morning intensive courses of Italian language and culture, evening courses, italian language for art history, Italian language for food and wine, Italian language for business, Italian language for music and theater. Besides, personalized classes with one to one lessons and courses to attend Italian University.

And it doesn’t end here! After your Italian language courses, Florence offers you thousand of options to make your stay special and full of wonderful memories and you are going to discover all of them with italianme staff help and advises.

Italian Levels of knowledge (Common European Framework)

Our Italian language courses

The starting Italian levels of knowledge of the Italian language and the goals to be reached are evaluated following the European Council QCER.

Level A1 (Breakthrough level) and A2 (Waystage Level): Once you reach this level, you will be able to do your shopping using the Italian language, book a room in a hotel, understand a basic menu in a restaurant, describe your life in simple terms (your family, job, friends, vacations), give and understand basic information, make friends and hold basic conversations in daily life.

Level B1 (Threshold level): Once you reach this level, you will be able to resolve many situations you will face travelling in Italy. You will be able to work with Italians and write and read simple scripts or newspaper articles, make a phone call understanding and explaining the essential parts of its message.

Level B2 (Vantage Level): Once you reach this level you will be able to talk with a certain fluency with a friend, a colleague or in formal situations. You can express your point of view and write all the documents you need to live in Italy. If you have a problem you can solve it speaking in Italian!

Level C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency): Once you reach this level you will be able to speak fluently in different social and professional settings. You will follow most of TV programs without problems or follow an academic lesson. If you are searching for a job or your intention is to live in Italy, you won’t have any problem of communication!!

Level C2 (Mastery Level): Once you reach this level you will practically have the fluency of an Italian native speaker. You will be able to read Italian newspapers, magazines, books and watch Italian TV, understanding almost the whole of it. You will be able to understand your Italian friends’ gag!