Drawing and painting

ITALIAN AND DRAWING AND PAINTING20 Italian lessons per week 6 private drawing and painting lessons per week

Who is the course for?

This is the course that allows you to learn Italian and, at the same time, devote some time to drawing and painting. We recommend it if learning Italian is one of your priorities during your stay in Florence and to this you want to add a nice experience to develop your creative and artistic vein.
It is a general Italian course that will help you live and work in Italy, spend a holiday here, get closer to the Italian culture or improve your knowledge of it.
The drawing and painting lessons are for art enthusiasts, both amateurs and professionals.
The course is for students at all levels.

What are the course contents and objectives?

The language course will help you improve listening, speaking, reading and writing. You will focus on the practical aspects of language useful in everyday life, developing Italian speaking skills and deepening your knowledge of Italian culture. Italian lessons combine communication and grammar in an ideal combination and, at all levels, you will always use the Italian language in class. Plenty of time will be dedicated to expanding your vocabulary in order to speak Italian more fluently. If you are a beginner, you will start learning Italian from the basics and you will see your progress after the very first weeks. If you already have a knowledge of the language, the content will be appropriate to the level of your course, from A1 to C2. To complete each level you will need an average of 6 weeks, but you may need more time for higher levels.
In the drawing and painting lessons, you can approach, or improve, the techniques of portrait, create an album with sketches of Florence, study the light/shadow effect in a still life, and also learn the techniques of drawing on fabric or decoration. Lessons are tailored to your interests and goals.

How is the course organized?

For the language course you will be placed in a group of up to 8 people in a comfortable and relaxing environment. You will take drawing and painting classes in a specialized school, where you will be followed by an experienced teacher We will provide you with the textbook and all useful materials. The teacher will use an iPad and after each lesson you will receive a pdf with its contents. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.
In the afternoon, or during the weekend, if you want, you can participate in our activities, 2 or 3 per week, organized and guided by the teachers in the school. You will make friends with other students, get to know Florence and its surroundings better, wider your knowledge of Italian culture and have fun practicing the Italian language.

Course details
LessonsItalian: 20 lessons per week – 4 lessons per day – 45 minutes each Drawing and painting: 6 private lessons per week – 60 minutes each
Schedule9:30- 11:00; 15 minute break 11:15-12:45; Drawing and painting lessons in the afternoon
Duration1 week minimum
GroupMinimum 3 – maximum 8 students
LevelsBeginners, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
2024 starting datesAbsolute beginners starting dates: 8.01 – 22.01 – 5.02 – 4.03 – 8.04 – 6.05 – 3.06 – 1.07 – 5.08 – 2.09 – 7.10 – 4.11 – 2.12. Other levels every Monday.
2024 closing days6.01 – 1.04 – 25.04 – 1.05 – 2.06 – 24.06 – 15.08 – 1.11 – 8.12 / from 16.12.24 to 6.01.25
Number of weeksNumber of lessonsCost in Euro
120 + 3650,00
240 + 61240,00
360 + 91850,00
480 + 122460,00

+ €60,00 annual enrolment fee

The course includes:

  • Lessons
  • Placement test
  • Textbook(s) and all the teaching material given by the teacher
  • Certificate of attendance
  • 2 or 3 extracurricular activities per week
  • Help desk Help desk for finding accommodation

The course doesn’t include

  • Accommodation
  • Personal Insurance
  • Express courier service for sending study visa documents
  • Bank commissions
  • Extra costs during extracurricular activities
  • Tools for drawing and painting

Enrolment procedure:

  1. Fill in the Application Form
  2. If you are not an absolute beginner, complete the placement test.
  3. Wait for the school’s confrmation of your acceptance.
  4. Book your place in the course with a 30% tuition fee payment plus the enrolment fee.
  5. The first day at school, if necessary, complete the enrolment procedure with the payment of the balance due.

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