From Monday to Friday 
From 9:30 to 12:45 – 4 lessons of 45 minutes each
In the afternoon – 4 private lessons of 60 minutes each

  • Absolute Beginner starting dates: 9.01 – 23.01 – 6.03 – 3.04 – 8.05 – 5.06 – 3.07 – 7.08 – 4.09 – 2.10 – 6.11 – 4.12
  • Not absolute beginner students may start every Monday.
  • All levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Small groups, minimum 3 and maximum 8 students.


Studying Italian in Florence choosing the Italian Language course and photography is for sure a good way to spend a nice and full of culture holiday, combining business to pleasure. 

The city is full of wonderful monuments, narrow streets, breathtaking views that surely you wish to turn into non-fading memories to show to your family and friends. But, are you sure that your pictures will be up to the represented subjects? If you took a few seconds to answer and if you didn’t say “Yes!!!” without hesitation, why not combine Italian language classes with a photography course?

After spending a pleasant morning to improve the Italian language, a verbal form of communication, you will discover a more beautiful Florence through your pictures, a visual form of communication. Our courses are for people willing to get to know this form of visual art or for those who wish to improve their technique. Classes have a minimum of theory and you will, from the very first lesson, go outside to take pictures, surprising your friends with peculiar shots and special photo shoots.

You will practice with your camera, it doesn’t matter the type or model, you will make the most of it. Which will be the main subjects of the course?

Use of light The great Masters of paintings said that photography is the art of painting with light, so, after our classes, you will know how to find and choose the right light for each picture, in relation to time of the day or if you are inside a building or outdoors.

Techniques of photo framing You will learn how to choose the right angle for the shots, which are the rules guiding them, because, bear in mind, you have to know the rules to break them!

Shots The right angles for perfect  pictures won’t be a secret any more!

Basics Photoshop This basic knowledge will be very useful for post production  techniques.

The Italian Language Course and photography includes extra activities all of them accompanied by one of our teachers: guided tours to Florentine museums, monuments, palaces and gardens, trips to Tuscan cities and villages, wine tastings and cooking classes, movies at the school, lectures and many others activities for your free time.

In conclusion, combining classes of Italian Language and a photography course is really the best way to spend your holiday in Florence!


Intensive + 4 Photography hours
1 520,00
2 970,00
3 1440,00
4 1900,00

Registration fee €60,00