Why the Italian language is the 4° most studied language in the world?

The reasons are many. Italian is the main language of the melodrama and of the Italian literature, one of the first worldwide. Notable, of course, is the importance of art and landscape, that make of Italy one of the world’s major tourist destinations. Italy has had a significant immigration in the last century and the children and grandchildren of immigrants remained bilingual. Finally, food and wine, fashion and design speak Italian.
Our students choose to study Italian, art, history, music, opera, design and Italian cuisine for passion or to connect to their origins. Whatever the reason, you will find Florence and our Italian language school the ideal places for your study trip in Italy.

Learn Italian in Florence
Learn Italian in Florence

Which is the best way to learn Italian?

The answer is easy: learning Italian in Florence and living an unforgettable language holiday discovering the “Belpaese”. There is no ideal age to pack and go, our students come from all over the world and are of all ages. They have the opportunity to live a unique experience, in contact with people of all nationalities and cultures, make friends and build indelible memories in the country they love. Choosing the right school is fundamental, because studying the Italian language is not just a goal to be achieved, but an exciting personal journey, if done in the right way.

Which is the best place to learn Italian in Italy?

Certainly one of the best places to learn Italian in Italy is Florence, and the reasons are the following:

  • Art: being the cradle of the Renaissance, it is full of wonderful works, and home of the Italian most visited museum, the Uffizi Gallery;
  • Literature: It is home to famous artists and poets, one of the most notable Dante Alighieri, the father of the Italian language and Michelangelo. Florence is in first place for the Italian cultural tourism.
  • Natural scenery: Florence and its surroundings have landscapes that take your breath away, just the view from Piazzale Michelangelo is worth the visit.
  • Made in Italy: Florence is one of the symbols of Made in Italy with its Italian cuisine, Italian fashion and Italian design.

It would be wrong to believe that Florence and Tuscany are standing still in the past. Our region is full of excellences, companies with cutting-edge technology, research and study centers that represent Italian creativity and innovation in the world. In Florence you can feel the atmosphere of an international city, open and lively, an ideal place to learn a foreign language.

Learn Italian in Florence
Learn Italian in Florence

Which is the best time of the year to study Italian in Florence?

Many people choose to learn Italian in Florence during spring or summer, when they have the opportunity to combine their study trip with their holidays in Italy. But Florence, with its beauty, always amazes and even in periods of low season, like autumn and winter, our students find at italianme a warm and welcoming atmosphere, essential for a good learning.
Florence has a very rich offer of accommodation for young and adult students: rooms in shared apartments, family accommodations, independent apartments and Hotels. Prices and availability vary depending on the season. Choosing the most suitable accommodation for your needs is essential for a positive experience in Florence. For this reason the Italian language school Italianme helps its students in finding the best accommodation during their study trip.

How long could it be the duration of the Italian course?

The choice is wide, courses ranging from one week to one year and you can start when you prefer. You can opt for an Intensive Italian language course, or take a Semi intensive course just for a few hours per day, leaving free time for sightseeing, work or study.
italianme also offers Italian language evening courses that take up a few hours a week and are ideal for those who are here for work or study. Our Italian language courses in Florence are for every level of knowledge of the language, for all ages and tailored to the needs and interests of the students. All Italian language courses include many hours of afternoon, evening and weekend extracurricular activities, to allow the students to immerse themselves completely in the Italian life and culture.

Learn Italian in Florence