• From six months to three years.
  • Assistance for the visa application.
  • Possibility of combining an internship or practical courses in art, catering, music, jewelry, cooking, design.
  • Cils certification.
  • Absolute Beginner starting dates: 9.01 – 23.01 – 6.03 – 3.04 – 8.05 – 5.06 – 3.07 – 7.08 – 4.09 – 2.10 – 6.11 – 4.12
  • Not absolute beginner students may start every Monday.
  • Courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Small groups, minimum 3 and maximum 8 students.
  • Assistance in finding accommodation.


Long-term Italian language and culture courses are aimed at those who want to live a study experience in Italy from six months to one year or more, studying the language, doing an officially recognized internship or working part-time.

Our long-term Italian courses offer the opportunity to reach the highest levels of knowledge of the Italian language and deepen into the different aspects of the Italian culture: current events, history, literature, cinema, art, etc.

By choosing a long-term course and living in Florence for a year or more, you can combine the language study with an internship experience in the professional sector of your interest. In this way you will prepare for a profession that you can practice in your country or in Italy. The italianme school organizes long-term courses combined with internship programs officially recognized by the Tuscany region, thanks to the collaboration with accredited agencies for this type of activity. In this way you will be able to learn Italian by having an important job training experience and obtaining an officially recognized final certificate. For this reason, we have signed alliances with the best agencies dealing with this sector in Tuscany, in order to guarantee our students the best training courses.

Another possibility for those who intend to study in Florence with a long-term course is to combine the general Italian language and culture course with a practical course: cooking course, music course, art course, painting course, course restoration, jewelry course, design course, etc. Also in these sectors, italianme has collaborations with the best officially recognized schools, where practical courses are taught following true professional paths.

In this way, we can offer our students the best of Italian “know how”.

Finally, if you want to end your study period with a certification of knowledge of the Italian language, we will help you prepare for the Cils certification and you can take the exam at our school. In fact, our school is recognized as the Cils test center by the University for Foreigners of Siena.

We know that planning a long-term study course in Italy is not easy, so we’ll help you in all the steps you will have to face: from preparing the visa documents to finding an accommodation. For the organization of the internship, the school will take care of everything, as well as for the registration to the Cils exam. You will have our assistance for all the duration of your stay in Florence.

Don’t forget also that during your stay you can get to know the city in depth, participating in the afternoon and weekend activities carried out by our teachers: guided visits to Florentine museums, monuments, palaces and gardens, excursions to the cities and towns of Tuscany, cooking classes or wine tastings, seminars on Italian culture, cinema, theater and many other outdoor activities.

If you are thinking of studying in Italy with a long-term Italian course, trust the professionals who know how to plan the most suitable course for you. Our staff will accompany and support you during your stay, so you can live a unique training experience in Italy.

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For longer periods contact the secretariat

Registration fee €60,00