• You can start at any moment. Courses open all year round, starting date every Monday. For absolute beginners starting date every second Monday.
  • All levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Small groups, 8 students maximum.


The Italian language course and jewellery is for people who want to combine the study of jewelry and Italian in Florence. Thanks to the collaboration with the best jewellery schools in Florence, you can combine the study of the language with your passion for goldsmith’s art. You can acquire for the first time or deepen your knowledge about the main jewellery techniques under the guide of expert teachers and craftsmen, creating original and uniques objects. All the project has the aim to recreate a “Bottega Artigiana” (antique workshop) in Florence, which has for centuries been a birthplace of the best traditions of this Art, but also for arts and crafts in general. For example, Leonardo da Vinci worked in Verrocchio’s “bottega” and Michelangelo in Ghirlandaio’s one. The duration of the jewellery course in combination with the study of the Italian Language could be very flexible, from one month to one year and personalized on the students’ needs.

The Italian Language Course and jewellery includes many hours of extra activities all of them accompanied by one of our teachers: guided tours to Florentine museums, monuments, palaces and gardens, trips to Tuscan cities and villages, wine tasting and cooking classes, movies at the school, lectures and many others activities for your free time.

If you are looking for a jewellery course in Florence to be combined to an Italian language course, choose italianme and you will find the best!


Italian language course and jewelleryOn request

Registration fee €50,00