• You can start at any moment.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • All levels, from beginner to advanced.


Learning Italian in Florence with a private teacher is ideal for those who want to attend a tailor made course. For short or long periods, you may customize the study of the language and choose the number of hours you prefer agreeing the time with your teacher. In this way you will be able to study Italian with one of our qualified teachers and actively participate in the selection of the course content. You will choose together with your teacher the areas of specific interest to be discussed so that your course will best suits your needs, always in a relaxed and pleasant setting. In this way you will be sure to learn what is truly important for you supported  by teaching professionals.

The Course includes extra activities all of them accompanied by one of our teachers: guided tours to Florentine museums, monuments, palaces and gardens, trips to Tuscan cities and villages, wine tastings and cooking classes, movies at the school, lectures and many others activities for your free time.

If you think the group lesson do not perfectly match your needs, the Italian language private lessons of italianme will give you just what you are looking for: the most efficient way to learn Italian in Italy!


1-9 €45,00 each
10 and more €40,00 each

Registration fee €60,00