Our Online Italian language course via Skype is the online solution for you.

If you would like to study Italian in Italy but you can’t travel to Florence, no worries, italianme is still accessible to you! With a Skype account, you can do it online, talk with your teacher from the distance: you will be able to study from home or from your office on a flexible schedule. 

If you are a beginner the course will be organized for you and will give you the opportunity to learn the most important vocabulary and grammar for the first level of knowledge of the Italian language. If you already know the language you can improve your knowledge with grammar exercises and conversation under the guidance of an expert teacher who will help you by correcting mistakes and pronunciation. You can choose the topics of greatest interest for you and exercise all the skills: speaking, writing, listening, reading, just like in the language course in the classroom.

All course materials will be prepared on the basis of your personal skills and tailor made for you. 

Studying Italian with Skype classes will be like making friendship with a Florentine, who always in a spontaneous and fun way will lead you to discover the Italian language and culture as if you lived here!


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Registration fee €50,00