Attending the Italian Language and Culture courses at italianme, you will have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful museums in Florence during the activities the school organizes in the afternoon or in the weekend. During these visits you will always be accompanied by an italianme teacher.

If you prefer to do the visit on your own, we will buy the tickets for you and you will jump the long queue!

Besides, we can book you a guided tour with a certified guide.

Florence is the art capital of the world and it offers to its guests many museums and art galleries to visit. In the world ranking of the most visited museums, 5 of the first 15 positions are Florentine museums.

The richness of artistic masterpieces you can find in Florence is mainly due to Medici’s family who, collecting paintings, sculptures, furniture and artistic objects, created a priceless property.

Their art collections have been declared patrimony of the city since the Renaissance when Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici gave the family patrimony to the city of Florence as a present, provided it all remain together.

Most of the Florentine artistic heritage is today managed by the Italian Government.

At the Uffizi, one of the most visited museum in the world, you can find many masterpieces, like Botticelli’s “La nascita di Venere” and “La Primavera”, and also the best classic sculptures in Florence. At Galleria dell’Accademia and Museo del Bargello you can admire great artistic works like Michelangelo’s David  or Donatello’s David.

The twentieth century is documented in a few municipal museums like the Marino Marini (one of the most important sculptors of the twentieth century) Museum or the Alberto della Ragione Collection.

To find an important collection of modern art you have to leave Florence and go to the near Prato, to the Modern Art Center Luigi Pecci.

You can also find museums in Florence dedicate to fashion and design, like Gucci Museum and Ferragamo Museum (right opposite the school), where you can see the shoes created by this famous italian stylist.

If you want to know Florence and its hidden treasures you have to visit some of this artistic sites. You will be impressed by the magnificence of the masterpieces there, result of the creative genius of the most brilliant minds ever existed in the world.



Visit the museums in Florence with italianme

Uffizi Gallery

Visit the museums in Florence with italianme

Accademia Gallery

Visit the museums in Florence with italianme

Palazzo Vecchio