italianme will constantly update you on what to do in your free time while you are in Florence because there are not only museums to visit, but also beautiful monuments that you may see walking in the historic center and  that well worth a visit. At our secretary you will find all the useful information to make the best of your study holiday and together with your teachers you will discover Florence. It won’t have any secret for you!

Florence is well known as an open air museum. Just walk along the narrow streets in the historic centre and admire the squares and the magnificent buildings. You will be immediately part of this unique atmosphere. Every corner, every street will make you feel like being in a magic world, and every day there will be something new to discover.



You will always have in your Florentine memories Piazzale Michelangelo, for example, where locals and tourists come to see the sunset and embrace Florence with their eyes. You can reach it by bus or on foot, through the big flights of steps starting from Piazza Poggi.

Ponte Vecchio, city icon, so busy during the day and so evocative at night when allthe jewelers are closed and the bridge is more romantic and cozy.

Piazza della Signoria, heart of Florence’s political life since the Renaissance, with the Fontana del Nettuno and the Loggia dei Lanzi, a small open air art gallery.

Florence has its talisman monument too: the Fontana del Porcellino at one side of the Loggia del mercato Nuovo, near Ponte Vecchio. An ancient tradition says that if you touch the Porcellino’s nose you will be lucky in your life. For this reason the nose is the most shining part of the fountain! If you want to complete all the “procedure” following the tradition. After touching the nose, you have to place a little coin in the month of the wild boar (actually this is the animal represented by the sculpture) and if it goes into the grate where the water goes through, luck will be on your side.

Discover Florence monuments, an open sky museum

Ponte Vecchio

Discover Florence monuments, an open sky museum

San Lorenzo