How to get started to learn Italian in Florence

1.Select your courses: review the list of courses and choose one which interests you. As well as the general Italian course, you may also select specialized courses or choose a combination of both.

2.Help with choosing a course: if you have questions or need advice with your choice, please contact us and you will receive all the necessary help.

3.Choose the start date of your course: beginner level courses start every other week. Check the calendar for the dates. If you are not a beginner, you can start any Monday you choose.

When you enroll you will be asked to take a test so we can evaluate your level.

4.Choose the services: we offer a wide variety of services. Please email us with your requests and we will provide an estimate of costs and options.

5.Contact us via phone or email: we will provide an itemized estimate for your total costs.

6.When you decide to enroll, you will need to fill in our Application Form and send it to us. If you are not an absolute beginner, we will ask you to complete a Placement Test to put you in the right course.

7.Buon Viaggio!Safe Travels! We will be waiting for you on the first day of school!

Further Information about studying Italian and living in Italy

You can find all information about our school rules, classes, payments, cancellation and also about living in Florence clicking the below links: