From Monday to Friday
From 9:30 to 12:45 – 4 lessons of 45 minutes each
From 14:00 to 15:00 – 1 private lesson of 60 minutes

  • Absolute Beginner starting dates: 9.01 – 23.01 – 6.03 – 3.04 – 8.05 – 5.06 – 3.07 – 7.08 – 4.09 – 2.10 – 6.11 – 4.12
  • Not absolute beginner students may start every Monday.
  • All levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Small groups, minimum 3 and maximum 8 students.


The super intensive Italian language course is a real opportunity to make the most of your stay in Florence, studying the Italian language in Italy.

Each day, in the morning, you’ll have four Italian lessons combining an ideal mix of grammar and communication, the content tailored to your needs, in a relaxing, pleasant and interactive atmosphere, using the latest technology. During the Italian lesson in the afternoon, you will work individually, under the supervision of our skilled teachers, to improve your linguistic proficiency, both in speaking and comprehension. You can solve difficult grammar problems, practice the topic you studied in the morning classes, and improve your comprehension, speaking and writing skills.

The Super Intensive Italian Language course includes extra activities all of them accompanied by one of our teachers: guided tours to Florentine museums, monuments, palaces and gardens, trips to Tuscan cities and villages, wine tastings and cooking classes, movies at the school, lectures and many other activities for your free time.

If you prefer the “full immersion“ way to learn a foreign language, this option is your ideal solution, combining the morning classes with the afternoon ones to deepen your studies. For this reason we offer you the ideal learning environment. If you are going to spend many hours in our school, it should be comfortable and welcoming. In fact, so much so that you may not wish to leave!


1 €420,00
2 €770,00
3 €1140,00
4 €1440,00
additional week up to 11 weeks €365,00
12 €4140,00
For longer periods contact the secretariat

Registration fee €60,00