• You can start at any moment. Courses open all year round. 
  • Flexible schedule.
  • 2 lessons per day of 60 minutes each
  • Minimum level required: B1  


The Italian course through literature, history and cinema is aimed to students who already have a knowledge of the Italian language and are interested in knowing and deepening their knowledge of the many aspects that make up the Italian identity. Italian literature, Italian history, and Italian cinema are the resources we will draw from to deepen our knowledge of Italy in an original and exciting way.

Have you ever read a fairy tale by Calvino? What do you know about Dante and his works? Have you ever come across young writers and young contemporary writers? Have you ever seen a film about Italian neorealism? Do you know the films and directors that tell the story of Italy today in the world? Have you perhaps read Camilleri or seen the series based on his stories? And what do you know about the history of the Italian language?

If questions like these make you curious, this is the course for you!

Making progress with the Italian language through the great classics of literature, fairy tales, contemporary literature, through the history of the Italian language and cinema, will be a discovery that will surprise you.

You will have the opportunity to work with an expert teacher, in a very small group, putting your Italian into practice and discovering the many different aspects of the Italian culture so loved in the world. You will approach the Italian identity through the works of great writers and directors, which will allow you to live the Italian language as if it were your own.

The curriculum is built around the real interests of the participants to make students always protagonists of their study path. The contents of the lessons are always oriented to the progress of linguistic knowledge, and students are thus able to strengthen the use of the language in a natural and pleasant way.

The course includes extra activities conducted by our teachers: guided visits to museums, monuments, palaces and Florentine gardens, excursions to the cities and villages of Tuscany, cooking lessons or wine tastings, seminars on Italian culture, Italian cinema, theatre, and many other various leisure activities.

If studying Italian in Italy means for you a complete experience of immersion in Italian identity, the Italian course through literature, history, and cinema is your choice!


1 week – 10 private lessons (60 minutes each) €400,00
2 weeks – 10 private lessons/week (60 minutes each) €800,00

Registration fee €60,00