Italianme plus courses are online lessons dedicated to fans of Italy and the Italian language. A new and pleasant way to study Italian online and to deepen the knowledge of Italian society in continuous evolution.

With our online courses, we give you the opportunity to take an incredible cultural and linguistic journey at a distance together with our expert and qualified teachers who will accompany you in an attractive and fun way to discover the Italian culture and language.

This is our proposal for you who want to immerse yourself in the Italian culture, in the historical, social and current situation of our country by deepening your knowledge of Italy and learning Italian with completely new eyes, far from stereotypes.

italianme plus online lessons


italianme plus online lessons
italianme plus online lessons


Italy through Italian music

We will trace the profile of Italian music along the course of Italian history by immersing ourselves in a sea of intriguing suggestions. We will go in search of the connections between Italian music and Italian society and we will come across the skein of stories that make up the history of Italy. The course will start from the Opera, a universally known Italian musical genre, to then move on to popular music and feel how the jagged history of the Italian territory has given rise to a surprising complex of rhythms and harmonic solutions. Moving towards the years of fascism we will meet both the production of the regime and that of the young composers who have conveyed the forbidden American jazz in the peninsula. We will reach the seventies with the “committed” songwriters, probably the highest point reached in Italy in the context of textual writing. We will end with the contemporary music scene, characterized by the triumph of rap and an Italian society careful to define a more modern idea of citizenship for old and new Italians.

Florence through literature

Florence in the words of the writers of the world is the theme of this online course. Poems and novels have welcomed some of the most beautiful portraits of the city of Florence, which we will (re)discover precisely through the words of those who lived or dreamed it, and wanted to leave their memories on paper. During each lesson, we will read a different passage, focusing on the structure and images. Dante, Forster, Neruda, Pratolini, France, Fallaci and many other voices will guide you on this virtual tour of Florence. The city will appear to us in all its romantic beauty or in the crudeness of its most difficult neighborhoods, it will be the scenery of fin de siècle loves or the undisputed protagonist of the narration. The texts will also be an opportunity to deepen Italian through Italian writers or translations, and will give us the opportunity to observe the uses in the context of words and grammatical structures.

“Parole, parole, parole”

What if we try to learn Italian from its roots? What if we concentrated on the small bricks with which we build a language? From these reflections starts our new online course, which will be a dip to discover the sea of stories, ideas, texts and anecdotes that each word carries within itself. In each of these online Italian lessons we will meet a different word, unknown or common, poetic or technical, to greet or describe. We will investigate its origins, observe it in context and then try to use it through games, writing, grammar and conversation. The course is divided into three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and the lessons will be adapted to the type of public participating.


‣ Modules of 4 online lessons, one meeting of 1.5 hours per week: a light way to easily organize your time.
Small groups to easily interact with classmates and teacher and make friends with people from all over the world.
Innovative teaching method for a dynamic and always engaging online lesson.
Qualified and passionate native teachers who live in Italy and work permanently on the italianme team.
‣ Online lessons on the Zoom platform: accessible to all, free and easy to use to really be like in class with us.
‣ Online courses suitable for those who want to progress and deepen the Italian language and culture in a new and relaxing way. Required level B1.


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