Our Italian language school

italianme is the innovative  Italian language school fo foreigners in Florence that offers a complete Italian experience, not only the study of the Italian language.

The school was officially founded in 2016, although the idea was conceived many years before in the minds of Carmen, Francesca and Nadia, the three founders, who are longtime friends and co-workers. It is the result of their decades of experience in teaching Italian language, their awareness and understanding of the meaning of excellence in language education. italianme offers all that is necessary to master a new language: not only Italian language courses,  but also English and Japanese courses.

It is located in the heart of Florence and nestled inside an old palace with all the amenities and technology of a modern setting, with expert teachers who will lead you with passion and enthusiasm to the discovery of the city and its nearby surroundings.

You will be independent, living in Florence just like a native Italian, because we believe that learning a new language is gaining a new identity.

Acknowledgements and Collaborations

italianme is officially authorized through the technical advice of the Regional Education Office for Lazio (note of 30/0672017 – protocol 59313), in accordance with the indications contained in the circular n. 602 of 18 January 2008 of the Ministry of Education.

Students attending the following schools are studying at italianme:
Istituto Spinelli, Polimoda, Marangoni, IED, Florence Institute of Design, Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze, Studio Charles H.Cecil, Scuola L’Oltrarno- Teatro della Toscana and many more.

italianme is a partner of the Monterrey Institute of Technology for the PrepaTec International Programs of Florence and Milan.

The italianme courses are recognized by the cantons of Berlin and Hamburg as Bildungsurlaub.

italianme is authorised for the CILS exams (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) at the University for Foreigners of Siena.

italianme collaborates with the Institute for Art and Restoration, Palazzo Spinelli.

IME ApproachA new way of learning Italian


italianme fosters a new way of studying Italian in Florence. The students will have a pleasant and natural full- immersion in the Italian language and Culture.


We offer an unforgettable  experience to learn Italian in Florence. We accompany our students to experience the study of the Italian language not simply as a goal to be achieved, but as a process that aims, through contact with language and culture, to acquire a “new identity “. They will become ”citizens of Florence” and be able to bring Italy with themselves throughout the world.


Our teaching method is based on the student’s personal motivation and on her or his learning abilities. With our Italian language courses customised to their interests, we will encourage all students to be the protagonist of the learning process.


Our classes hold no more than 8 students, because we believe that only a small group can give each student the appropriate and welcoming space for an active and effective learning. We believe that a small sized classroom combines the advantage of a group class with the benefifts of 1:1 interaction.


Our Italian language school in Florence is the best the city can offer: spacious and comfortable, set on two floors with 10 classrooms, furnished in both a modern and functional style. You will find comfortable communal spaces, all with free wi-fi, for studying, reading and relaxing, creating a perfect learning environment.

Moreover, to make the experience truly unique, italianme gives the students the opportunity to access the rooftop terrace owned by the “Residenza d’Epoca Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1”, where they can enjoy a coffee, chat with their classmates, or simply relax whilst enjoying the stunning view across the city of Florence.


The italianme language teaching method derives from the most modern theories of communication, which emphasize lexical competence. At italianme, students discover the Italian language in a pleasant and natural way, for the learning process is carefully tailored to their particular circiumstances and learning goals.

In each Italian language course and at every level, our teachers use Italian language in class and always updated techniques to develop the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Beside a textbook, the teachers will use audio visual material and the most modern technologies all throughout the course, to make the interaction between students and teachers always motivating, friendly and relaxing.

To support the study at home, students will receive an email every day to review all the lesson built in class and can use the audiovisual materials of the textbook used in class.

Our Staff

The teachers of our Italian language school are all university graduates and specialized in teaching Italian. They are constantly updated on modern teaching methods and constantly in research for a new approach to the Italian language teaching to increase the diverse needs of the students. In this way they can offer both in terms of training and personally the highest quality service.

It is precisely the teachers who designed and created italianme and who also organize all the management: a group of teachers with thousands of hours of experience in teaching Italian L2. Teachers who follow annual refresher courses and who work with enthusiasm and professionalism by supporting and guiding students throughout the course of studies.

At italianme we believe that a school where teachers are happy to work is a school where students are happy to learn. For this reason we are concerned in giving our teachers and students the maximum comfort and technological support for teaching and learning! In all our Italian courses, from beginner to advanced, teachers use in the classroom not only the textbook, but audio and video always supported by the latest technology. This gives an interactive, pleasant and efficient experience in the learning and teaching process.

Our Italian language school

Meet the three Founders

Our Italian language school


Is in charge of courses in Art History and all the extracurricular activities. She is so passionate about Florence that she decided to live on the hills overlooking Florence so that every morning she enjoy the view and embrace the city.
Her favorite place is Piazzetta del Limbo (nearby the school) a small, intimate and quiet square. Although Italian love pizza and pasta, she prefers hamburgers, especially those made with ‘chianina’ beef as you can find at the Mercato Centrale (Central Market). Coming down from the hill in the morning, she listens to her Italian music playlist ranging from new and old artists from Lucio Dalla to Elio e le Storie Tese, from Mina to Jovanotti. Her most favorite expression? “Tomorrow is another day!”

Our Italian language school


Is the General Manager & Director, in charge of the Italian classes catered around business language. She was born and raised in Florence, has travelled extensively for business and pleasure and loves nature and relaxing.

You can find her strolling throughout Florence in along Porta Romana or along Viale dei Colli, listening to the music of Claudio Baglioni, her most favorite singer. One of her biggest passions is to eat sweets any kind, any type, but above all, with chocolate. Her favorite cake? The Torta Caprese! If you need to organize something, truly anything, ask her. In fact, her favorite phrase is: “Don’t worry! We will find a way!”

Our Italian language school


Is the Director of Education and is responsible for customer relations. She was born in Florence and her family roots go back to southern Italy. She is always in touch with Florence’s pulsing life and is aware of what’s going on around town. One of her passions: politics.

You can find her on the streets of the center of Florence, where she loves to take long walks looking at the city reflected in the Arno River.

If you want to know where to eat in Florence, just ask her! You will always hear her say: “Now this is the life!”